On average, each tree we plant removes 38.82 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere every single year. As the tree grows, they continue to reduce more carbon dioxide - these are some strong trees!

While these trees help to protect our planet, they also grow nutritional foods like mangos, pears, and avocados. Trees for the Future gives these foods to schools and communities in Kenya and supports Kenyan farmers by educating them on how they can sustainably tend to their land.


Green Disco planted 2,500 trees and removed an average of 237 lbs of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every day for an annual total of 86,505 lbs of carbon dioxide.


Green Disco aims to expand our impact by planting 26,000 trees, removing approximately 1,009,320 lbs of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere throughout the year.

We pledge to

Offset the carbon footprint of every partnered event.

Hold every partnered event to a higher standard of environmental quality.

Create unique, upcycled, and interactive art installations.

In 2021, Green Disco has the mission to:

Plant 28,500+ trees

Sequester 1,100,000+ lbs of CO2

Unite 250+ Environmentalists