Coming out of this pandemic it is clear that normal life will prevail, but what does our future hold? 

We live in a globalized world where industries, the environment, and the economy are deeply interconnected. This virus has disrupted existing world trends, allowing us to pause for a second and reflect. We were put in a position to realize that time is precious. While being at home, we reduced our carbon footprints at an almost jaw-dropping rate, and as industries pick up again, we have to do our part to remain friendly to mother earth and to keep fighting for a solution. 

The live-event industry has been massively affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Event organizers aren't taking any risks, and are primarily prioritizing health and safety. The more sterile, the better, but it also means more one-time use of plastics like masks and gloves. This time of Coronavirus has given us the opportunity for change. Instead of going back to our old ways, Green Disco sees this as a unique chance to create a solution for the threat to our environment and humanity.  

Coronavirus shined a light on humanity's ability to unite in a time that threatened society as a whole. We aim to unify individuals through celebrating the earth and encouraging them that the planet should be a primary factor in any and all decision-making. 

We take a data-driven approach to ensure that we pioneer transparency throughout the event industry.  

Join us in being a part of the solution.  

Celebrate Earth™ 

Jonah Geschwind & Jacob Chandler






Glass-Half-Full Mindset

We unify our community around the world and create a green future. Green Disco is a public benefit corporation (PBC), meaning that we are a for-profit with a social cause (somewhere between a non-profit (501(c)3) and a for-profit (LLC, C)). To put it simply — we are chasing a different kind of green.